Spin Palace Online Casino Review

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We would call this the «conservative» approach to web design. Stately, classic, effective and just a little bit boring.


Try as we might, we couldn’t spot the difference. Running since the heady days of 2001, this casino was being played even before George Dubya took America back to war with Iraq; before he declared victory in Iraq; and before he was replaced by a black man. That’s how old  this is. And why that is of importance of course kiddies, is that it has withstood the test of time. To maintain a consistent track record of good reviews over the course of nearly two decades means that they’re here to stay; and in a much more thrilling way than Madonna.

This was one of the less elderly-looking pictures. (Note: don’t google image search for «old madonna».) While Madonna might offer you AU$1000 to play with her these days, we wouldn’t bank on it. SpinPalace, on the other hand, will throw a thousand bucks your way when you sign up to play any one of their 450+ Microgaming offerings.

Bonuses & Promotions

If the AU$1000 Welcome Bonus was that easy, we wouldn’t be here right now writing this. We would be  busy setting up dozens of fake email accounts and configuring VPN servers to try and make the most from their generosity. Alas, we are still here. The welcome bonus (or the «golden hello handshake» as their writer puts it)  is designed for the loyal punter who keeps coming back. Like most bonuses of this size, it is split up into 3 parts:

They will match you 100% on your first deposit up to AU$250

  • 25% matched up goodness when you deposit a second time, up to AU$300
  • 50% match-up on your third deposit, up to AU$450.

So deposits totalling up to AU$2350 will receive the AU$1000 bonus, upping your initial bankroll to a healthy and robust AU$3350. Playthrough requirements are 50x though not all the games pay back the same. Most of the online pokies give back 100%; Roulette, Blackjack and Video Poker pay back a mere 8% and if you’re a fan of Baccarat or Craps then you’re crap out of luck with a not-so-enticing zero-percent return. All up, however, this is a pretty good welcoming handshake. Yeah.

The Loyalty Club

How loyal are you? Would you join a club for loyalists? Would you kill your own brother if he were to divulge our club’s secrets? Great, because Spin Palace has such a club but possibly better since it doesn’t involve murdering family members but does involve the potential to make stacks of cash.

«Godfather, you know that thing you told me never to divulge? Well…»
Once you become a member of the Loyalty Club you will find a heavy weight lifted from your shoulders and your true calling beckoning you thither. Loyalty carries responsibility and you will be responsible for playing as many games as possible, for each time you place a wager you will be earning loyalty points. These points can be transformed alchemically into casino credits. The more you are loyal with Spin Palace then the more rewards you get. There are six tiers in the loyalty scheme of things and the higher you go the more rewards you get – from between 10-60% more. So be responsible, be regular and be astounded by the amount of good fortune that awaits those who are eager and loyal.

Very Important Person Status

What’s better than being rewarded for loyalty? It’s being given an honorific title that describes the mountain of absolute importance which is you. Unfortunately, Mountain of Absolute Importance doesn’t acronymize too well, but when you reach a certain echelon of awesomeness within the kingdom of Spin Palace, you will then be designated a «Very Important Person».

Besides from bragging rights, this status gives you membership to an exclusive club of high-flying, wealthy and smiley people such as these:
«Inheritance rocks!»

Such importantly handsome people walk on nothing less than red carpets, and that is the treatment you will receive upon admission. To apply for the huge privilege of being a VIP member, which include elite tournaments and massive cash prizes, one must have earned at least 150, 000 Loyalty Points and deposited a minimum of 10, 000 Euros. Join now to start your journey towards this highly coveted status upgrade!