Secure your Place in the Island Hall of Fame at Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies

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We get asked quite often which is the best mobile pokies free spins bonus?   That question is still up for debate but in Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies at All Slots Mobile Casino, you get two great bonus games and neither one is a free spins bonus!   In one of the bonus rounds you are asked to muster all your courage and prevent a volcano from erupting.   In the second you get to choose beautifully artistic hand-carved wood masks for cash awards.
All Slots Casino is one of the oldest online casinos, having been established «way back» in 2000, eons ago as time is measured in the world of online gaming.   One of the biggest changes is the emergence of mobile as a major player in both communication and entertainment.  

Mobile technology has outstripped the ability of gaming software providers to reformat all their games for mobile.   After all, All Slots Casino pokies number in the hundreds!   So the software developers started by reformatting classic slots.   Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies is one such classic.   It will certainly stand the test of time and become one of the most popular Aussie mobile pokies.

Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies is a 5-reel 9-payline pokies that begins with you enjoying a quiet slow-moving tropical vacation and may end the same way but, during your stay on the island, you will be asked to do a most heroic deed: stop a volcano from erupting.

A Taste Treat Begins Your Vacation

Big Kahuna is a most unusual pokies.   Not only is there no free spin bonus despite having two bonus rounds, but the ubiquitous number and royal symbols are nowhere to be seen!   Instead you are festooned with a delightful array of delicious fruits.   You will savor each one, being unable to decide which you prefer over all the others.

Every Symbol Contributes to your Island Adventure

The island is home to a harmless yet mischievous species of lizard.   Whenever the lizard appears on the reels, it darts its tongue out.   Many first-time visitors  to the island are fearful of the slithery amphibian but the islanders, always ready to help and to serve, assure us that the lizard is merely mischievous: it will take one of your fruits if it gets the chance so be on the lookout for Mr. Lizard!

Another important symbol is the monkey.   It is the Scatter symbol, meaning it wins in all positions.   However, unlike most every other Aussie mobile pokies, the Scatter doesn’t send you to a free spins bonus round.   The monkey is simply colorful, even kind of goofy looking!

The Big Kahuna logo is the Wild symbol.   It replaces all other symbols except the monkey.   When you get five Wilds, you will receive an $8000 bonus which is multiplied by your wager.

Suddenly your Vacation Takes a Major Turn

The other symbols all play major roles in the excitement that befalls the island and you especially!   The chief will direct you in your heroic effort to save the island.   The volcano will go from slumbering to threatening and you will be asked to return it to its normal quiet state.  The mask will offer you some welcome respite from your harrowing experience and will give you the chance to win a nice cash bonus!

The Volcano Had been Asleep for Centuries Until…

When three volcanoes appear on the reels, you go from being a nice, appreciative vacationer, partaking of the islanders’ hospitality, savoring the island fruits, and keeping one eye open for the silly antics of Mr. Lizard to being at the center of a developing crisis: the volcano is about to erupt!   You are in the Volcano Bonus.

The chief tells you that in the legends of the island it is told that when the volcano threatens to erupt, only a brave vacationer can save the island.   He asks you to draw on all your reserves of courage and approach the volcano. A fierce tropical storm is raging atop the mountain!  The volcano can be subdued only by a sacrifice of a single fruit.   However, you are presented with three fruits with which to quiet the volcano.   You must choose one and only one fruit!  

In the end, you choose a fruit and it works its island magic.   The volcano returns to its traditional quiet state.   For your heroism, you receive a substantial cash award, the size of which is determined by the fruit you chose.

You return to your place by the pool.   As you slumber back to vacationland, you suddenly realize that whichever fruit you had chosen would subdue the mountain so you hope to be called upon to do so many more times!