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Recommended CasinosWhich online casinos deserve to be mentioned as the best the industry has to offer? An answer to this question is very difficult to give as players put emphasis in different things when they choose the casinos they play at. In fact the question can probably be discussed from now and till the end of the world without reaching agreement. None the less I will try to give my answer to that all important question.

I have rated a large number of casinos on the quality criteria in the Choosing Casinos section. The ones with the highest scores are listed on the left hand side in this section and on the right hand side at all times. The casinos are listed after the score they received, so that the casino with the highest total score is listed first, the casino with the second highest score is listed second and so on. You can click on each of the casinos on the left hand side in order to see how the casinos were reviewed within the nine criteria. On the review sites you will also be given information on how can you can sign-up at the casinos.

The selection process leading to the top 10 online casinos was long and hard. It was possible for me to discard a large amount of casinos simply because they only offer sticky bonuses, have poor software, have a poor reputation and so on. I have also chosen to select only one casino per casino group which limited the amount further. Then came the hard part. After the rough sorting there was around 40 casinos left on my list. I then rated the remaining casinos based on a combination of personal experience, experiences from fellow gamblers, feedback from visitors to this site and what I have read at message boards and watchdog sites.

In the rating process I used a scale from 1-5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 to highest possible score. The highest score 5 was given if a casino is industry leading and therefore far better than the average in the online casino industry in that criteria. Vice versa, the score of 1 was given if a casino is far below the average casino. The score of 3 symbolizes that a casino is average compared to other casinos and the scores 2 and 4 are given to casinos that are somewhat below or better than the average casino. The ratings were then multiplied with the importance rating for each of the criteria. For example, if a casino scored 5 for its bonus system this number would be multiplied with the importance rating of 5, ending in a score of 25. The scores for each category were added up to a total score for each casino. The ten casinos with the highest scores are the ones that are reviewed of in this section of the guide.

The casino reviews you can read on this site are different than the ones you can read at most casino sites. My reviews are not all-positive and non-critical. The perfect casino does not exist. All online casinos have shortcomings in some areas. This is not the impression you get at most casino sites where the casinos promoted are perfect in any way. The best bonuses, the best payout percentage, the best customer’s service, the best games. Quite simply the best everything. The reason for this is that most casino sites use reviews written by the marketing staffs of the casinos they promote and they quite simple copy-paste these reviews onto their sites. This kind of”reviews”are off course totally useless for new casino players who are about to choose which casinos they should play at. I in no way claim to have made the perfect reviews. But I have written them myself based on what I consider to be relevant criteria. In my opinion that makes them more useful than most of the reviews you can read at casino sites.