Immortal Romance Pokies – The Chamber of Spins and 364, 500 Coins Which You Can Win!

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Your way to play pokies online has never been as easy! All you need to do is come and join us on Immortal Romance Pokies, the wonderful game that changed the whole pokies industry with incredible benefits, wonderful rewards and extraordinary theme and gaming atmosphere! Enjoy now the most unique gaming benefits and features you will surely not find anywhere else, romantic symbols and background music that will make your heart pound as it did every time you fell in love with someone special.

According to the laws of romance, you now have the opportunity to fall in love once more with a game that lets you win over 364, 000 coins and up to 25 FREE SPINS so you can play free pokies as well while enjoying it profoundly! Want to learn more about this fabulous game? Start playing at All Slots Casino where you’ll reap game and casino bonuses all at once!
I am Ready! Tell Me about the Benefits!

Well, it is time for you to be ready! This Aussie online pokies game will let you enjoy both unique and commonly used features and benefits so you can be sure to find the rewards you love most as well as those you never saw before and will love right away!


Scatter is a wonderful symbol, which you will absolutely love if you don’t know and love it already. Scatter is this highly unique symbol that lets you win a lot more by playing less, and when it comes to pokies it surely matters a lot. So, how does it work? The Scatter symbol needs to appear three, four or five times on the reels. Once it does, you get to enjoy the wonderful benefit called FREE SPINS. The FREE SPINS will make it possible for you to enjoy more and more spins which give you a chance to win more credits. The more credits you win, the more spins you can enjoy later on and the greater payouts you may receive (in direct relation to your future bets). The best part about the FREE SPINS is that you do not have to deposit at all during this whole time!

The Chamber of Spins

Well, the Scatter symbol is one of those symbols you can find at a lot of pokies games (and for a very good reason). However, as promised, this Aussie online pokies game can let you enjoy some very unique benefits. The Chamber of Spins is surely one of them.

The Chamber of Spins contains four different playing modes that let you enoy your free time on this game in various exciting ways. The first mode is AMBER, and it lets you enjoy no less than 10 free spins. AMBER mode multiplies every amount of credits won by 5, and you have a chance to enjoy the retriggered free spins benefit while playing this mode.

The second mode you can play at is called TROY, and TROY will let you enjoy no less than 15 free spins. When enjoying the free spins with TROY, you can also have some fun with a wonderful benefit called Random Multiplier (which is part of the Vampire Bats Feature). This random multiplier will benefit you with up to 6X multiplies applying on your winnings.  

Thirdly, you would love to know everything about the MICHAEL mode. With MICHAEL at least 20 free spins are yours, as well as a great benefit called the Rolling Reels. The Rolling Reels will make your consecutive wins be multiplied by increasing numbers, so be prepared to enjoy 3X and 4X and 5X multipliers one after the other. Wait, there is more to all of that! SARAH is also an integral part of the Chamber of Spins and she can let you enjoy the most rewarding bonus of 25 free spins. So give a lot of respect to this SARAH, who will also benefit you with a feature called Wild Vine. This feature will be activated once its relevant symbol will appear on reel number 3 and will make other symbols randomly be transformed into additional substitutes.

Scatter, on its own, can also let you enjoy additional credits and payouts even before it serves as a platform to your free spins adventure (two benefits at one symbol!). If you win two adjacent Scatters on the reels, 30 credits are immediately yours. Three Scatters (which will reward you with the free spins, just as any greater amount of Scatters will), will make it possible for you to receive 60 credits right away. Four Scatters have a winning potential of 600 credits and the most rewarding payout of them all, which is received by five Scatters equals no less than 6, 000 credits!

Another thing worth mentioning is that the whole free spins experience is an incredible adventure which you will profoundly enjoy. It will start only when you want it to (you must press the”Start Free Spins”button first), and only then one of the modes will be activated. The free spins change the whole theme of the game, so get ready to listen to some different music, see different theme and enjoy a whole different atmosphere in a matter of seconds!

Wonderful! Now, what is the Wild?

Well, the Wild symbol is your way to enjoy a whole different gaming experience. Except the Scatter symbol, which required only two of its kind in order to start making some magic over here, all the other symbols function completely differently. You probably know by now that it is necessary for you to win at least three (if not four and five) identical symbols next to each other in order to win some credits. However, that’s where the Wild comes to your aid.

Wild can substitute all the other symbols on your reels (excluding the unique Scatter symbol, of course) and by doing so you, it can let you win many additional credits. Two of a kind will become three of a kind with a Wild’s presence, three will become four and four will become five. Wild can also benefit you with some very nice payouts on its own, starting from 100 credits for three symbols, up to 1, 500 credits for five symbols.