Christmas Market Grants Players with Free Spins at All Slots

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How long has it been since you have taken part in a REALLY great promotion? A promotion which allows you to purchase whichever bonuses you want, whenever you want, to use these bonuses as you make your way to win a lot of cash bonuses, to be able to increase your loyalty points’ count as you play the games, and even to play at other promotions while being benefited at this one?

Today, it is definitely possible to make all of that happen, and even much more than that, as This month at All Slots – Christmas Market promo is on air, and now the only thing left is for you to join us! Choosing a casino and playing online has never been so much fun!

How Do I Know Which Casino to Choose?

First of all, you can be sure All Slots Casino is hosting this promotion! Over the years All Slots Casino has been reputed as the best casino to offer different games as well as to hold special and unique promotions. Players who are already familiar and comfortable with this casino will definitely be glad to discover they can keep on playing where they like and enjoy. In addition to that, it is good to remember that even long time players may sometimes want to check out new casinos and to learn more about their offering. Some players who wander around usually benefit by being exposed to the many welcome offers of each casino, and use this holiday season to make the most out of it.

This time, Christmas Market Promotion specifically will be taking place in All Slots Casino, VIP Lounge Casino, Wild Jack Casino, All Jackpots Casino, and even First Web Casino.

The Casino Is Chosen! Now, When Can I Start?

You can start at any given moment! November 29 th at 7: 00 AM, GMT is the moment everything is getting started! The promotion will start taking place at all of the mentioned casinos, and players will be able to enjoy the wonderful benefits of Christmas Market right away. This promotion will be going on for a whole month, until December 25 th, 23: 59 PM, GMT. During this whole period, no re-count of the coins accumulated will be made, so players will be able to keep on collecting more and more coins as much as they want to, and to use them when they see right.

Coins? How Do I Collect These? What Are They Good For?

Collecting Coins

Collecting the coins is most probably the most adventurous activity which can be actively made during the promotion. The only thing that it takes, in order to collect the coins, is to simply play the All Slots Casino Pokies, or those offered at any other casino in the group. By playing, either the casino’s games, the promotional games, or at other promotions taking place at the same time, players will be able to accumulate loyalty points. Each loyalty point accumulated during the promotion will grant the player with 1 Christmas Coin.

Using the Coins

Using these coins is also really fun for all players. Once the player has enough tickets, he is capable of purchasing special bonuses. The bonuses which can be purchased are: free bonus, free spins bonus, a nd cashback bonus. Each time a player purchases a bonus, he receives 1 ticket for the draw. At the end of the promotion a Draw Day will be taking place at the casino, and in case the player’s card (or cards) is drawn, he will receive a special prize!

Free Spins

Players purchasing the free spins will be able to play Bridesmaids, Avalon, Secret Santa, Immortal Romance, and even Santa’s Wild Ride. Different free spins packages exists, allowing players with different budgets to allow themselves to enjoy these great prizes. Two packages, for example, are: the 5 free spins package, which is worth $5 and costs 250 Christmas Coins, and the 30 free spins package, which is worth $15 and costs 1200 coins.


The cashback bonus can be purchased prior to making a deposit, and it will be credited once the deposit is fully made. 1 such bonus can be purchased per deposit, and one of it at a time.