Bonus Showdown at All Slots

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It’s time for a showdown and time to see who will win it all. Will you have the chance to enjoy your bonus opportunities with All Slots? Or will you miss out on the fun? With the chance to Play Bonus Showdown – All Slots, everyone can be a winner just by showing up and being consistent. And sometimes it’s fun to know that this is all it takes to be in the game. Learn about the awesome promotion that the All Slots Casino games site and other sites are having at the moment and why you’ll want to be part of it.

Being Part of the Fun

The chance to Play Bonus Showdown – All Slots is available for you during most of the most of September and a bit of October. And you’ll love being part of the fun. Grab your cowboy boots and see what is waiting for you at the corral. You can play these games Down Under in Australia at many locations from Wild Jack Casino and All Jackpots Casino to First Web Casino, All Slots Casino and the VIP Lounge Casino. To get started, all that you have to do is submit your username and then click on the card and you’ll see your choices. The promotion goes from September 6 th until October 6 th and there are many ways along the way to win.

The Timeline

One of the great things about the promotion is that it’s broken into chunks of time and you can win various things at various times. For instance, the first part of the promotion goes from September 6 th -12 th and the second part is from the 13 th -19 th. The third part is from the 20 th through the 26 th and the fourth one is from the 27 th to the 3 rd of October. The last part is from the 4 th to 6 th of October. Now, in the first week you can have a free card even if you didn’t play in the last week.

But every week after this, your winnings will be based on the amount of time that you put in during the week before. If you played for 3-4 days, for instance, you’ll get one card and one prize. If you played for 5-6 days the week before then you’ll get two cards and two prizes. If you were really dedicated and you played for all seven days the week before, then you’ll get three cards and three prizes.

Prize Bonanza

Now, when you Play Bonus Showdown – All Slots there are many awesome prizes that you can have. These include free spins to some of the best games. These games include Ariana, Sure Win, Avalon, Asian Beauty, Bridesmaids and Hot as Hades. You can also win between two and 100 credits. You can get loyalty points and all sorts of other great treats.

The cowboy in you can’t wait to get going and to have a blast during September and October. This is a great place to enjoy All Slots Casino games and to enhance the playing that you already do – with extra promotions and fun. Join with the many people who will all want to get extra perks with this promotion. Get on your boots and your hat and enjoy the cowboy themed fun that you’ll have with this great promotion. Since you already love playing at All Slots or these other sites, this is just icing on the cake for your playing!